Bulk REO and Bank Owned Properties

Bulk REO and Bank Owned Properties – Buy, Fix & Flip or Hold? Buy Multi-Family? Buy Tax Deeds? Buy Notes? I’ve done them all….I have people ask me about investing and what books I would recommend towards flipping or holding or tax deeds or notes. Lots of variables and strategies but they want me to give them a few of my top books that I would recommend to someone. To curious beginners I typically recommend Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki), and Building Wealth one home at a time (John Schaub) , Rich Dad is a great introduction to income producing assets and financial freedom concepts and Building Wealth is a great practical outline of real world house investing . For flip specific books , stuff by Ron Legrand or Jay Decima are good as well. It’s very important to get and stay educated …even repeat the read if needed!

Remember a new investor isn’t just learning how to turn opportunities in deals but is being effected emotionally. Most new investors have to change their perspectives regarding wealth, finance, personal relationships and more. Logically real estate investing can be done by anyone but I see people falter in overcoming the changes in their existing belief systems. Outside of investment books are tax law and book keeping guidelines along with investing in Real Estate in your Self Directed IRA or 401K. Learn and practice efficiency.

But if I had the investing model in place when I first started out that i do now I would never have spent all the time and money that I did along the way doing buy, fix and flips and even commercial deals. I simply would network for funding partners and buy as many of our Bulk REO turnkey properties as possible. These properties earn 12% minimum, there is no work to be done, all the note servicing is done for you, all you do is receive mailbox money and cash the check. Now if someone really likes doing the work of rehab then I would recommend getting a coach so you could blend some of those deals into the first strategy. I have many books and recordings that I have collected over the years and there is not one resource that I would suggest. Getting a mentor is key and work with like minded people who will lift you up with knowledge. There are people at local Real Estate Investment Association meetings who are very qualified and who will charge fair rates and guide you.

I believe the highest and best use of my time and the highest and best use for my money. The sooner you adopt this mindset you will graduate from employee to self employed to business owner and then to investor.

If you are interested in investing in Bulk REO and Bank Owned Properties in your Self Directed IRA or 401K or have Cash on the sideline and want to see a Return On your Investment of 12% to 40% then reach out to me and I will share with you how you can do this. I am doing this now and realizing those returns using my own Self Directed IRA. 727-488-9747